Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gift of Giving- and the Stress of it All!

With mostly ALL of my friends getting married in the near future, I feel as though I have become somewhat of a professional gift-giver. I am definitely someone who panics when I have to give a gift-- I am always running out of ideas and of course, I want my gift to be fabulous! In order to ease the stress of the whole "gift-giving" process, I started writing down ideas as they came to me... napkins, scrap paper and hands are all excellent writing tablets for spontaneous inspiration. Below are some ideas for when you're stuck in the "gift rut".

Personalized Lingerie- These personalized boy shorts from Ruby Fox are a fabulous gift and come out SO CUTE! Everyone I have given them to LOVES them! The company is super efficient with their ordering and shipping as well.

"Soon to Be..." Hoodie- I have used Spool of Design for years and have found them to be very reliable and the most affordable hoodies I can find. This is a cute gift to give at either a shower or Bachelorette party.

If you need a cute gift for a wine drinker, Lolita makes fantastic wine glasses. I received the "Wedding Toast Wine Glass" as a gift and love it. It's a great engagement gift! Lolita also makes a wine or martini glass for practically every occasion/personality- making these great birthday gifts as well!
Another helpful hint: When looking through magazines (any magazines- I have found ideas in the most random places) rip out anything that you'd like for a gift. Often times, if you like something, the friend you're gifting will like it as well. During Holiday season when all the mags come out with their Gift Guides, I always rip out ideas- most of the time they are never Holiday-themed gifts making them perfect ideas for all year! I have discovered some amazing products this way!

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